Side support leave the front design completely visible and free to slide if the card need to be opened.


Buttons are easily reachable and is much easier to remember their position without looking the keycard

Keychain support

Finally you will be able to hang your keycard like any other car key to your keychain.

Multiple colors

Choose your favorite color between : Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Black, Green, White.


On E-Mail request we can provide customizations like logo, plate numer, name and ….. Due to 3D printing limitations, request need to be evaluated by our staff before confirmation.

Different Materials

Main product is made with plastic but different materials will be available in form of Beta program. For example PLA, Flexy and many others.

Made with 3D printing technology

from the prototype to the final product

Renault Kadjar Keyholder have been designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and the first prototypes have been brought to life with a Makerbot replicator.

After several test models we finalized the design and we are now able to offer you the final product with the help of a company called Shapeways that will professionally 3D print your Kadjar Keyholder.

How to order ?

Click here for our Shop Page on Shapeways